American Business Council Spain is an independent business association founded in 1988 and composed of the Spanish subsidiaries of American multinational companies with a presence in our country.

The objective of ABCS is to make the importance of foreign investment, and in particular that of the USA, visible and evident as a dynamiser of the Spanish economy, based on 3 fundamental pillars:

To be the legitimate spokesperson for US companies in Spain, which represent 7% of Spain’s GDP.

To be the highest business meeting point to exchange ideas and projects, where common business opportunities are promoted, as well as business synergies and contact with distinguished members from the political and business world in Spain.

To create a solid and accessible business environment for society, where initiatives that boost Spain’s competitiveness in the global market are encouraged.

We aspire to be the main business meeting point at executive level, where the exchange of ideas and projects between our members is encouraged. We seek to create common business opportunities, promote business synergies and facilitate contact with prominent Spanish political and business leaders.



Since its foundation, the American Business Council Spain has been organising working breakfasts, inviting different personalities from the political, economic and business world.
Presidents of the Government, ministers, EU representatives, US Government officials, world presidents of American companies, and many other personalities have attended our forum.