American Business Council Spain, a business association founded in 1988, brings together some of the most prominent American companies with a presence in Spain. Since its inception, the association has been a meeting point for these companies, represented by their top executives, including presidents, managing directors and CEOs.

The CEOS of our companies are the best ambassadors of the Spain Brand in order to consolidate and attract new American investments in Spain and therefore to strengthen relations between Spain and the USA.

According to data from the Ministry of Economy: the US is the main investor in Spain, with an investment stock of €100 billion. More than 3,500 companies with US capital operate in Spain, directly employing around 300,000 workers.

The association has maintained a firm commitment to independence and neutrality, being a non-profit entity that is financed exclusively by contributions from its member companies.

The American companies affiliated to the American Business Council Spain cover different sectors of the Spanish economy. Their presence has enriched local society by introducing new work systems, codes of ethics and differential values, fostering innovation and adaptability in the Spanish business environment.

Over the last three decades, the potential of the Spanish economy and the capacity of its companies to overcome adversity have become evident, consolidating itself as a reliable partner for foreign companies.

American Business Council Spain actively collaborates with the U.S. Embassy, promoting the exchange of ideas and projects that benefit the business community, as well as with other Spanish and foreign institutions, such as the Círculo de Empresarios, the CEOE, the Real Instituto Elcano, the Fundación España EE.UU, the IE Business School, and various American universities.